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10 oz. Orange Twist in Syrup by Collins

10 oz. Orange Twist in Syrup by Collins

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Collins Orange Twist in Syrup are the perfect ready-to-use garnish.

The bold bite of orange peel is balanced out with candied sweetness that holds up to the stiffest cocktails.

These orange twists make the ideal complement to a wide range of drinks including Cosmopolitans and the iconic Old Fashioned.

This product of Italy with only four ingredients ensures a straightforward, quality product that every mixologist will want to keep on hand.

10.9 ounce jar is compact enough to easily fit in with other home bar supplies while providing twists to last through many drinks.

Use for more than just cocktails. Collins Orange Twist in Syrup are perfect as a dessert topping or baking ingredient any time candied citrus peels are called for.
Item is out of stock. Available on 07/23/2022.
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BrandCollins Consumables
Packaging StyleBelly Band
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